Creating a tapestry of opportunity

Creating a tapestry of opportunity

The vision of The Workshop is to be just that – a workshop. A place where artisans can create handcrafted goods. Sharing that creativity, we offer classes and workshop events to those wanting to learn and create their own handmade items.

But The Workshop is more than just what is in this physical space. Our boutique features handcrafted items from artisans around the world. Sales of those items support not only the artist makers, but their families, and their communities leading to financial stability and independence; a source of purpose and pride, sharing a common thread we can all relate to. By supporting these amazing artisans, we create opportunities.

Closer to home, we currently feature local artisan jewelry makers, leather workers, a seamstress, and a ceramist. We invite other artisans who may have a talent and the products they create but not a place to showcase them, to market them at The Workshop. For those that have the desire to teach and share their skill, or to lead gatherings and exchange ideas to come and use our space.

Another thread is A Firm Foot Forward. The mission of A Firm Foot Forward is to provide healing through artistry. To provide a place where hope, discovery, and recovery can be found. Offering opportunities to gain marketable skills, earn an income, and make steps towards self-sufficiency and economic independence for those transitioning from difficult circumstances. This non-profit directly benefits from The Workshop and the selfless giving of time and talents of volunteers with A Firm Foot Forward who further the work and mission to provide healing through artistry.

The magic is weaving these ideas together, creating a tapestry of opportunity.

I find myself reflecting on what my dear friend and mentor, Sheila has said many times: “it’s about creating and building community.” To take that further, I think creating community creates opportunity.

So no, we aren’t just a “workshop”. We are THE WORKSHOP, a community of artisans creating opportunities for each other.
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