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Etched Bottle Opener

Etched Bottle Opener

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These beauties are handmade by artisans using traditional methods passed down through the generations, these etched bone bottle openers are a beautiful and functional bar accessory.

Crafted from ethically sourced, sanitized animal bone that is hand carved with etched handles.

- Handmade in Uganda.

- Each piece is cut, carved, and sanded by hand. 

- Each bone bottle opener is unique in color.

- Measures approximately 5" in length. 

Every bottle opener is unique and different color variations are expected due to the organic nature of the materials used.  

They are durable food-safe bones, ethically and locally sourced as a food by-product (the animal was not killed for the creation of the product).

Each piece is meticulously sanded, polished, and then sealed with a waterproof lacquer.

*Please note that design will vary in each order.

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