Our Story

A Firm Foot Forward and The Workshop are the result of a nearly ten-year-old dashed plan. But that old plan rooted a thought. I can't really say "dream" since the dream came to light several years later. It continued to grow, to morph, to ignite a passion over the years. Thoughts, conversations, prayers, business ideas all started coming together. And then I felt an inner push and I took the huge leap of faith and jumped, leaving my job and career to start this venture. Perhaps at this point in midlife I wanted change, to have purpose, and to have what I was doing make a difference - to matter. If I was going to put my heart, sweat, and tears into my work, I wanted it to matter and have purpose. I know my years of business experience have prepared me, I have the love and support of family and friends, and I have the faith that this was and is the right thing to be doing. My hope is that A Firm Foot Forward and The Workshop will make a difference in people's lives; I know it will in mine.

~ Kimberly Mauriello, Owner

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Join Our Creative Community: A Space for Artisans

Regardless of your artistic endeavors – whether it be jewelry-making, textile design, woodworking, candle making, ceramics, or painting – we invite you to join us in our creative space. Together, we can cultivate an environment that fosters inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.

We welcome the opportunity to share our passion for creativity with you. Whether you'd like to purchase one of our handcrafted items, attend an open worktable session, or participate in one of our workshops, we invite you to be a part of our vibrant community.


Empowering Others through Hand-Crafted Artisan Goods

At our company, we believe that everything we do provides an opportunity for others. Our hand-crafted artisan goods not only create the chance to develop and discover sustainable, marketable skills, but they also generate income. Our products are unique, limited in quantity, and crafted by hand. By purchasing our items, you directly support our mission and the makers we employ.


Creating a Collaborative Community at The Workshop

Our goal is to bring together individuals with talents and skills who are willing to share their gifts and help others discover their own. At The Workshop, we foster an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and expertise across a variety of fields. Our community is dedicated to helping others achieve financial independence through the development of job skills, the sharing of artisan crafts, and the teaching of basic skills. The Workshop is a hub for local artisans to create, collaborate, and share their knowledge with others in the community.


THE WORKSHOP is proud to be able to collaborate with A Firm Foot Forward. The nonprofit A FIRM FOOT FORWARD partners with local organizations and agencies, providing short-term employment and learning opportunities for young women recovering from difficult circumstances with the goal of offering a safe, healthy, collaborative environment in which to gain sustainable and marketable job skills, build knowledge, and earn an income while building confidence to put a firm foot forward into successful jobs and careers.

Working with THE WORKSHOP and skilled local artisans, we create beautiful, limited quantity, hand-crafted goods to help support the mission of providing healing through artistry.

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