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2nd Story Goods

Woven Square Gift Basket

Woven Square Gift Basket

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This handwoven basket is truly universal. Perfect as a gift basket, for use on a desk or coffee table, or for organization on a shelf! With endless possibilities, this is definitely a staple you want to have around!

Made from locally sourced dried palm tree leaves, the items are handwoven by local makers; these pieces show off the beauty of Haiti. It takes steady patience and an artist’s feel to work with the palm leaves. Their work speaks for itself!


- 100% natural, local, upcycled materials

- dimensions: 12” x 12”

- handwoven in Haiti by local makers

- sage color

Due to the nature of natural materials, the color and texture may vary.

Based in Gonaives, Haiti for over 10 years, 2nd Story Goods works with several groups of local makers creating recycled, handcrafted goods for fair livable wages allowing families to stay together, children to go to school, and parents to provide for their families. Made from locally sourced materials all these pieces show off the true raw beauty of Haiti.

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