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Brass Modern Polka Dot Cuff

Brass Modern Polka Dot Cuff

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We have added a modern twist to this unique hammered brass cuff. We think this piece is timeless + classy and will always make a one-ok-a-kind statement. 


- Handmade in Uganda.

- Each piece is molded, shaped, and sanded by hand.  

- The cuff is 2" wide; the cuff is adjustable.

- Please note these sizes may vary slightly. 

- Every cuff is unique and size variations are expected. 

Brass can be polished. Brass does, however, tend to tarnish, and needs care to stay bright and shiny. There are many different natural and effective ways to take care of your brass jewelry that can eliminate any harsh effects of chemical cleaners. 

Commonality Cooperative offers unique handmade pieces you can enjoy and use every day. Their Collections are made by hand in small manageable batches from talented Makers. Sourcing raw materials located in each community to create handcrafted products, they support the integrity of artisan-made goods and create opportunities for the men and women who make them by creating dignified work in many small communities.  

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